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Requirements for reviewing manuscripts and articles
1. Only previously unpublished author's materials are accepted for publication - scientific (practical) articles, reviews (review articles), reviews corresponding to the subject and profile of the journal: “Bulletin of the
of World Civilizations”. Up to 4 co-authors are allowed.
The volume of an article for candidates and doctors of sciences is from 10,000 to 30,000 characters, the recommended volume of an article for graduate students and applicants is up to 15,000 characters. Articles are published in Russianlanguage.
2. Information about the author must be submitted both in Russian and in English: surname, name, patronymic; academic degree, academic title; position or profession; place of work, study including division (department, faculty), name of institution / organization, locality, contact information (E-mail and other contact information for publication in the journal), country name (for foreign authors). The author's name is given in the nominative case.
In collective works, the names of the authors are given in the sequence they have adopted.
3. Abstract and keywords. There must be an indication that these are Abstract and Key words and must be submitted in both Russian and English.
The abstract should reveal the problematics of the scientific article, its purpose, as well as the results obtained. Recommended structure of the annotation: subject, purpose of work, method or methodology of work, results of work, novelty, conclusions. The information contained in the title of the article should not be repeated in the abstract. Historical references, descriptions of previously published works and generally known provisions are not provided in the annotation. Quoting is not allowed in the annotation. Abbreviations must be decoded. The recommended size of the abstract is 150-250 words.
Key words are selected from the text of the manuscript material and are given in the nominative case. From 5 to 10 keywords or phrases are indicated.
4. Basic requirements for the text of the article. The text comes immediately after the keywords. It is recommended to adhere to this logical structure when writing: introduction, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion.
Font of the manuscript text - Times New Roman, point size (font size) - 14, line spacing 1.5; margins - 2 cm from all sides. In tables, the font is Times New Roman, point size (font size) - 12, single spacing. For footnotes and notes, Times New Roman font, point size (font size) - 10, single spacing, paragraph indentation - 1.25 cm.
It is not allowed to use the auto-hyphenation function. Paragraphs ("red line") should be set automatically. No special styles or fonts are used to style the text. Roman numerals are indicated by Latin letters. All abbreviations and abbreviations must be deciphered the first time they are used in the text. Figures should correspond to the text and be numbered.
References are given in the text in square brackets, inside which the first digit indicates the number of the source in the bibliographic list, the second, after the letter "c" - to the page number in the source (for example, [1. p. 26]. Referencestonotesaregiveninparentheseslike (1).
Links to official documents, regulatory legal acts, electronic resources, newspaper notes without an indication of the author are interlinear, such sources are not included in the list of references. Continuous numbering is used to insert footnotes.
5. The cited list of references should be numbered - each source should be placed on a new line under a sequential number. The numbering of references to sources in the list of references should correspond to the references in the text of the article. In the list of references, all works are listed in alphabetical order. The list of references contains only materials to which the author refers. All sources in the list of references should be drawn up in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008.
6. All materials are submitted to the editorial office in electronic form by e-mail: izdimc@mail.ru.
7. All articles are subject to mandatory double-blind peer review. Reviews of articles on the most topical and controversial issues, by decision of the editorial board, can be published in the same issue of the journal.
8. There is no fee for postgraduate students for the publication of manuscripts.

More detailed information and a sample reviewing can be downloaded on the website here:
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